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Seismic Strengthening Retrofits

Applied Building Science is a FEMA certified seismic retrofit contractor. We have worked extensively with the Earthquake Brace + Bolt program in California and can help make obtaining your grant a breeze.

ABS is a full service contractor through the EBB program, handling all aspects of the submission process.

Below you should find some helpful links connecting you to information, as well as some photos illustrating the process.

Check out this gallery to see ABS in action!

About the Process:

If you have been awarded a grant through the Earthquake Brace and Bolt program, likely you found our website through the contractor directory. We're a full service contractor through Earthquake Brace and Bolt, handling every aspect of the submission process.

If you have not received a grant, fear not! ABS can still seismically retrofit your home. We offer competitive pricing that makes seismically retrofitting your home a good-sense decision even without the grant. If cost remains an issue, the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program provides great financing for seismic retrofit work. 

Your retrofit starts with a site visit from our project designer, Peter Posert, to determine the parameters of the retrofit. Once Peter has collected photos, measurements, and other details about your home he will provide you with a bid for your project. Often Peter is able to provide that bid before he leaves your home so you can discuss the details in person.

Once you've had a chance to look through the proposal, we schedule a follow-up conversation to answer any lingering questions you may have. Our staff is thoroughly knowledgeable about the retrofit process.

Please watch the video below for more information about the Brace and Bolt program, as well as some good information about the installation process and why seismic retrofits are an important thing to consider for your home:


Recent Testimonials:

8/20/2020: Extraordinarily professional. Every person that I had contact with in the organization was patient, thoughtful, and thorough. I experienced no difficulties and am thoroughly pleased with the final product. Would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in the Brace + Bolt program. 

8/18/2020: They were very helpful in filling out all the needed information! They were responsive when I called and they even kept checking in with me after the work was done to be sure I had what I needed to complete the application for reimbursement. And they were very respectful regarding covid-19 safety precautions and very friendly. 

8/15/2020: Really fantastic team and easy to work with. The work was great and ABS navigated us through the EBB process and spoon-fed us information and next steps to take. Would definitely recommend for any home owner going through the EBB process.

8/3/2020: ABS was a great company to work with. They understood this program, were efficient and reliable. The crew that came out to our home were professional , hard working, and communicated with us clearly each day they were on site. I highly recommend this company for the EBB retrofit program. 

7/13/2020: Very professional. The job is noisy, but they were in and out in one day and kept the mess down to a minimum and cleaned up everything after. 

7/9/2020: The ABS crew just finished up this afternoon and I wanted to let you know how impressed we were with their professionalism, clear communication, and hard work. Thanks to you for a positive experience.

7/6/2020: ABS was the most profession company I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. Professional, callbacks within an hour or less answering all my questions, pleasant office and field workers, worked quickly, on time leaving no mess behind. ABS will be the first company I call when in of their services again. I rate them AAA. We are lucky indeed to have them in our area.

7/2/2020: Nice job, pleasant people, and all in the difficult scheduling of the pandemic.

6/27/2020: ABS did an excellent job. They kept me informed all along the way. My job was scheduled and then delayed by the Covid 19 Public Health Order, which stopped all construction. ABS put me back on their schedule as soon as the order was lifted. They arrived on time and kept me informed at every step of the process. They helped me complete all required paperwork. I highly recommend them.

6/26/2020: ABS has been excellent to work with! Everyone was great during this process, including the customer service, the bid, the actual work at our house, and the final inspection. We would highly recommend this contractor. 


6/19/2020: ABS did a wonderful job on my retrofit! I give them my highest recommendation! Thank you.

6/9/2020: We were very pleased with ABS. They did everything as promised, and their work passed inspection with no difficulty. Everyone we dealt with in the company was courteous, competent, and efficient.

5/22/2020: I was very satisfied with ABS. They were responsive, professional,and courteous. The workers were on time and I have confidence that they did excellent work. The inspection went quickly and I appreciate that the work is done.

4/11/2020: They were a great company. They know what they're doing and everything proceeded seamlessly. They took care of pretty much anything and were very helpful whenever there was something that required my input. I got my money from FEMA about six weeks after the work was completed and all documents submitted.

3/27/2020: 5-star satisfaction overall--the office coordination as well as the 2-person on-site work team were all terrific. They spotted a plumbing issue while they were working that required fairly immediate repair (a detached drain pipe), so I was able to get a plumber in to get that fixed. 5 star review for them, as well as for completing the work itself in a timely and efficient manner.

3/18/2020: We were very pleased with every aspect of the service provided by ABS. We would recommend them to anyone requiring their service.

3/10/2020: If you are going to have your home braced and bolted to your foundation, look no further then the ABS team. They are experienced, positive and very easy to work with. They will do ALL the work for you. I highly recommend ABS.

3/9/2020: I highly recommend the team at Applied Building Science. First, I was attracted to their business because they 'get' energy efficiency and optimum building performance. The retrofit took only a few hours, and I received my reimbursement check from FEMA within 10 days. I definitely 'rest' better knowing my house is bolted to the foundation.

3/6/2020: ABS (Applied Building Science) was delightful to work with. They are thoroughly knowledgeable regarding the seismic hazards here in Santa Rosa, and super professional in getting the paperwork required, getting the building permit, doing the actual retrofitting of my home foundation, and then very quickly having the building inspector come to verify the work. I cannot recommend ABS enough. You'll enjoy working with them, I'm sure.

2/17/2020: We were very happy with ABS. They responded quickly to any questions, their staff is polite, and they were very clean and professional. No complaints at all!!!

2/15/2020: Talk about old fashioned service! It's really a treat to hire a competent, polite, thorough and professional business. Good job everyone and thank you!

2/7/2020: What a great team! Great communication from Billy and Rachel. Always willing to answer questions and provide follow-up. I was very impressed with how efficient and thorough the retrofit crew were in executing the work. Many thanks to ABS!

2/7/2020: Very pleased with ABS. The team was great - little impact to us inside the house. They told us what they were doing each step of the way and shared photos with us. Our crawl space is not ideal - no complaints from them at all. Of course, they have probably seen worse!

1/31/2020: we were very happy with the job that ABS did for us.Project manager Billy Schock and his team answered all questions and time line of project in a very timely manner they were great from start to finish . we give them 5 stars !!!! 

1/28/2020: ABS has excellent customer service, quality of work performed, friendly and knowledgeable staff, quick timeline from assessment to final inspection, and thorough communication from start to finish. The Operations Manager also assisted me with navigating the EBB Dashboard which was very helpful. The ultimate review was given by the city inspector who said that he "never has to worry about ABS's work. There is never a problem.They always pass." I highly recommend ABS for your EBB retrofit work.

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