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If your home was built before 2001 you likely qualify for up to $5000 to make your home healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient through the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN). These tax free incentives are only available through participating contractors -- like Applied Building Science.

If funding your project is an issue, we also work with the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP). SCEIP provides Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing for residential energy efficiency upgrades.

 What we can do to reduce your carbon   footprint:

ABS solar installation

Generating your own power straight from the sun reduces the utility company's need to generate power by less environmentally friendly methods.

If you have purchased an electric vehicle ABS can install your EV charger.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Professional Energy Audits

Doing an energy audit allows us to pinpoint the ways your home is wasting and losing energy. You home will receive a specifically tailored list of measures to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. ABS strives to convert older homes to Zero Net Energy, meaning they produce just as much energy as they use.

Combustion appliances can malfunction, causing them to produce extremely high levels of carbon monoxide and other environmentally harmful gases. Testing them ensures that they're burning clean.

Combustion safety testing for your gas applianes
HVAC installation and assessment

Technological advances mean that replacing your old furnace or air conditioner can do a lot to reduce your impact on the environment.

Heat pump water heaters have completely changed the way we heat water. Not only are they far more efficient than their natural gas counterparts, some models even use carbon dioxide (the same gas plants need to create oxygen) as their refrigerant.

Domestic Hot Water Heater Installation
Lighting removal and installation

Conventional incandescent bulbs use 8 times as much electricity as LEDs and have a much shorter life span. Converting to LED bulbs will drastically reduce your energy consumption.

Air sealing reduces your energy consumption, making your home much more environmentally friendly.

Air sealing an attic
Insulation Removal ad Instalaion

Insulating reduces your energy consumption, making your home much more environmentally friendly.

New windows save energy, keeping your more comfortable and reducing your impact on our environment.

Window removal and installton

The crew was friendly, clean, competent, everything you would hope for. Near the end of the job, John came out and went through the house again, adding a few improvements and making sure the work was done correctly.”

Don G., Sebastopol

"Your HVAC installers gave us an overview of how the comfort system works when we got home from work.  We are absolutely thrilled with the completion of the heat pump hot water system and the mini-split comfort system."

Matt & Lizzy S.  Santa Rosa

“I can't tell you how exciting it was to receive our true up bill from PG&E, and to realize our total electrical bill for the year was $144.  Plus we have been able to use our upstairs even on the hottest summer days.  Thank you ABS.”

Clarence & Holly C.  Santa Rosa

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