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If your home was built before 2001 you likely qualify for up to $5000 to make your home healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient through the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN). These tax free incentives are only available through participating contractors -- like Applied Building Science.

If funding your project is an issue, we also work with the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP). SCEIP provides Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing for residential energy efficiency upgrades.

How We Can Make Your Home Healthier

Residential mechanical ventilaion

Installing mechanical ventilation in your home drastically increases indoor air quality. Normally air infiltrates a home through the gaps and crack in the crawlspace, attic, and exterior walls. Mechanical ventilation allows you to control where the air entering your home comes from and, if you choose, to filter that air. In order for mechanical ventilation to be effective it's important to seal the home as tightly as possible in the attic, crawlspace, and exterior walls. Sealing your home and installing mechanical ventilation can make a big difference during fire season.



Properly air sealing all the gaps and cracks in your home allows you to control where the air you breathe comes from. Most homes allow air from both the crawlspace and the attic to freely enter the home. Using a blower door test we are able to create a snapshot of air infiltration into your living space before and after sealing, giving you a better sense for how much improvement takes place during the work.

Air sealing an attic
Underfloor vapor barrier




Moisture from the crawlspace can create perfect conditions for mold growth and other issues throughout your home. Installing a vapor barrier controls much of the moisture that would otherwise absorb into your home.




Sometimes natural gas and propane appliances either produce excessive carbon monoxide or are actively spilling combustion gases into the home. Testing your appliances for spillage and proper combustion ensures your indoor air isn't being contaminated. 

Combustion safety testing for your gas applianes
Window removal and installton



New windows are much more air tight than older windows, meaning less contaminants from the outside can make their way into your living space. Some older windows, especially single pane aluminum framed windows, cause condensation to form when it's cold out resulting often resulting in moisture issues and mold growth. 


Cold in the winter

ABS has a range of solutions to make your home comfortable in the winter.

Comortable Home.jpg

Make my home Healthier

Indoor air quality and proper ventilation are crucial for a healthy home.


High Utility Bills

If your utility bills are too high we can work with you to lower them.


Reduce my carbon footprint

ABS strives to make older homes less environmentally impactful.

THE SUN_edited.jpg

Hot in the summer

If your home is uncomfortable in the summer ABS can help.

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