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Mini-Split Heat Pump Technology

Mini-splits are the most efficient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly technology available. Able to both heat and cool, they're able to meet your home's space conditioning costs at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems. They can also be offset by solar.

Inverter compressor.JPG

The mini-split compressor

The compressor portion of a mini-split sits outside and either pulls heat into your home during the winter or dispenses heat to the outdoors during the summer. They're smaller and quieter than traditional air conditioning compressors, using less energy to deliver the same levels of comfort.

Ducted mini-split, Greenberg.JPG

Ducted mini-splits

In addition to head units that sit inside the room, there are also ducted units available. This allows a mini-split to use a traditional duct system much like air conditioners and furnaces use.

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