Utilizing a blower door, we are able to test your entire home's air tightness to determine how much energy you're losing to cracks and gaps. We are able to locate the worst of these leaks during the test utilizing an IR Camera. 


Air Sealing

Using expanding foam, caulk, specialized tapes, and other materials we are able to better seal your home to stop energy from escaping and dirty air from making its way in. 


Other Benefits

By sealing your home's air envelope, you gain more control over where the air in your home comes from. Before sealing much of the air that infiltrates to your living space comes from your crawlspace and attic, both dirty and full of contaminates.  



After sealing you may want to consider mechanical ventilation for your home. Mechanical ventilation further increases the efficiency gains of air sealing while allowing you to filter the air coming into your home, resulting in higher air quality. There are options for filtering the smoky air during fire season. Take a peak at our ventilation page!