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We were started in 1972 when, after graduating from Sacramento State University, John Sutter, joined the Petaluma Carpenters Union.  In 1979 he started his own remodeling company. 


In 2007 Applied Building Science moved into its new 3000 square foot shop and office in central Santa Rosa.  During this time the company began expanding its knowledge base and scope of work into energy efficiency retrofits and solar photo voltaic generation.


ABS’s retrofit work typically begins with an audit by one of our Building Performance Institute trained and certified Building Energy Analysts. Based on the audit findings, we meet with clients to evaluate and agree upon a retrofit program. Usually ABS is retained to turn the agreed upon  corrective measures into reality.  Such retrofit measures typically include work on the building’s insulation, air barriers, water heating, space heating and cooling systems, windows, moisture issues, ventilation, electrical loads, and lighting. 


After reducing energy waste and improving indoor air quality, we then sometimes take the final step of providing a solar generating system, thus moving the building towards supplying as much energy as it uses (a so called “net zero energy” home) .


ABS’s mission is to utilize the latest in building science and technology to reduce energy waste, utility bills, and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings while increasing their healthfulness, comfort, and durability. We bring a heritage of over 60 years of renovating and remodeling to this task.  From building energy audits, to simple weatherization measures, to deep energy retrofits, to full blown Zero Net Energy retrofits, our company is the North Bay leader in building performance assessment and upgrades. 

Applied Building Science Office

We are very proud that ABS has:

  1. Extensive training and certifications in our field, including an on-staff BPI Certified Building Analyst and a California HERS Rater.   

  2. A knowledgeable and low key sales force.

  3. Skilled, reliable, and friendly workers and trade associates.

  4. The experience and background to perform any remodeling or construction required beyond energy upgrades.

  5. Full business liability insurance, bonding, and worker’s compensation insurance.

  6. The proper testing equipment required for building performance audits.

  7. Sophisticated computer and communications systems, and

  8. A mission that contributes to reducing the of greenhouse gas emissions.


When considering whom to trust with modernizing your home or business, invite us for a no obligation site visit.  We will show you how you can save money, improve comfort and healthfulness while helping our progeny’s environment.

A blower door test

Meet The Team


Peanut Sutter

Team Mascot

Guardian of the fort.


Anthony Lack

Designer II



John Lloyd

Electrical Lead

The Spark of ABS.

Jameson Meet The Crew.jpg

Jameson Lafer

IT & Marketing

Computer Guy.


Phyllis Sutter

Office Manager

Bringer of light and wisdom.

Carpentry, Cotton.jpg

Joey Cotton

Performance Lead

The Octopus.


Miguel Cordova

Lead Plumber

Music man.

2019-09-03 14.34.27.jpg

Raynan Lack

Electrician II

Flex your brain.


Esthela Ruiz


First Line of Defense.

John Sutter Headshot Far.jpg

John Sutter

General Manager

Circus Leader.


Danny Foster

Lead Designer

Chief Juggler.


Tyler Shinn



Noah Meet The Crew_edited.jpg

Noah Larkosh

Operations Manager

Operations Manager.


Jennifer Martinez

Finance Director

Keeper of the Treasury.

blower door.jpg

New Technician

Could this be you?


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