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We believe it is imperative to eliminate as rapidly as possible emissions of greenhouse gases into our planet's atmosphere. Over a third of those emissions come from our buildings. Our mission is to use our skills, experience, and organization to assist our North Bay neighbors in replacing their fossil fuel burning appliances with high efficiency electric appliances.

The common gas burning appliances in the typical order of quantity of greenhouse gas emissions are:

  • Furnaces

  • Water Heaters

  • Clothes Dryers

  • Ranges

  • Gas Fireplaces & Barbeques

There are efficient economical electric substitutes for all these appliances. The good news is there is little if any economic or performance penalties for going all electric.

As a company we have four related missions:


Insulation and the air tightness: We have over twenty years of experience enhancing the insulation and air tightness of existing structures. This increases comfort while reducing energy use by significantly slowing the escape of heated or cooled air through the building's thermal enclosure.


Solar & Storage: Whenever it is feasible we install solar generation and battery storage to capture and utilize the cleanest energy source of all. Often the electrical energy produced can totally offset the energy required for a building's functioning. This is so called "zero net energy" building results in PG&E bills of about $10 a month.

Vehicle Chargers: We also facilitate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector by installing electric vehicle chargers. 


Our Services

All Electric Conversions / Thermal Enclosure Upgrades / Minisplit Heating & Cooling Solar Generation / Battery Storage / Insulation / Ventilation / Indoor Air Quality

Electric Vehicle Chargers / Heat Pump Water Heating / Electrical Upgrades 

Zero Net Energy Conversions / Energy Performance Assessments / Low Rate Financing

"Look no further than the ABS team. They are experienced, positive, and very easy to work with. They will do ALL the work for you. I highly recommend ABS."

- William S, Kenwood


"The ABS crew are very professional, experienced, and have done a great job for me. The quote was done quickly and the work went on without a hitch. The end project was very well done and I have no complaints whatsoever. I'd recommend his company to anyone."

- John L, Santa Rosa


"The entire ABS crew are absolutely fantastic, professional, and friendly folks. We needed to completely upgrade our home heating, insulation, and duct work, as well as eliminate tons of air leaks in order to reduce our insanely high PG&E bills and create a more comfortable home environment. I looked at several companies before choosing ABS and I'm very glad I chose John and Applied Building Science. His young crew is the most hard-working, courteous group of guys you could hope to have in your home; everyone is trustworthy and respectful of your space. John also provides a very personal advising service, helping me fully understand all aspects of energy usage and savings in our home. He's very patient and thorough when it comes to explaining the details of the work involved and the technology involved as well. That's commitment!"

- Tom F, Santa Rosa 


"The crew at ABS have been great to work with; dependable, professional, and attentive. The result for us has been a very efficient solar system, perfectly sized to take care of all our electric needs each year. We have an older house but with careful planning, we've met all our normal electric needs plus air conditioning in the summer and our electric car. The robust monitoring tools allow us to 'see' where and how our use vs. consumption tracks. The first year, with greater than usual car usage, we still nearly 'zeroed out' on our PG&E year-end True Up bill. This year we're going to beat that and end up paying nothing beyond the $10 connection fee PG&E demands. It's very satisfying to run our daily errands in the car, knowing we are running on nothing more than sunshine."

- Chris G, Santa Rosa

If you want to explore how your property might benefit from our services, please complete and submit our online questionnaire. We look forward to hearing from you.

We have been receiving many inquiries about when and how the energy rebates called for in the Inflation Reduction Act will be made available to homeowners. Bloomberg Financial recently published an article that addresses these questions. You can read it here:

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